13 years in business!

We are a consultancy company providing services in several specific fields: We help our clients win and draw subsidies from European Union funds. We draw up feasibility studies showing whether a planned project could be successful. Last but not least, we advise both new companies and existing entities on the set-up of their internal corporate processes and project management and, subsequently, transaction consulting during the sale and purchase of shares or units within the corporate structure.

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About us

RAMS Assets s.r.o.

This year, RAMS Assets s.r.o. marks its 13th year on the market. Over the time, we have become valued partners of many Czech and foreign companies whom we assisted in drawing European subsidies, setting-up more efficient corporate processes, negotiating numerous business partnerships and, last but not least, growing with our assistance.

Our experienced project team is able to flexibly respond to your wishes, needs and expectations. We wish to become your professional partner on your path to success.

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Fields of expertise

  • Subsidy consultancy
  • Feasibility studies
  • EU projects

  • Corporate processes optimisation
  • Strategic planning
  • Business development

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Interim management
  • Transaction consulting

  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment banking


EU projects

RAMS Assets s.r.o. provides comprehensive services related to winning and drawing subsidies from European Union funds. We will prepare all the necessary underlying documents for you. We will deal with the unavoidable red tape in the implementation stage. We will even do the follow-up monitoring of the project throughout the term of your subsidy.

We make sure that your project plans are prepared and your subsidy applications and complete execution projects are drawn up, including all the required attachments (e.g. a business plan, education plan, economic and feasibility studies).

Our goal is to relieve you of the red tape and support you in smooth drawing of your subsidy.


RAMS Assets s.r.o. has a strong team of project engineering experts.

We will provide you with consultancy for the appropriate set-up of internal corporate processes and assist you in the management of individual projects. We will also help you make decisions in key situations that can have a positive impact on the future of your plans.

We will prepare feasibility studies and strategic plans for you that will significantly simplify the decision-making processes in your company.

Feasibility studies

RAMS Assets s.r.o. brings together successful experts with vast experience in various fields. This is why we are able to prepare precise feasibility studies for individual projects and investment plans.

A feasibility study consists of technical and economic research, or rather of financial and economic evaluation of the project. We aim to provide a comprehensive description of the investment plan in view of all its significant aspects. We are able to propose alternative solutions and assess the ultimate feasibility of a given investment plan.

The prepared documents can be used not only in the pre-investment stage of the project, but can also serve as an important tool simplifying project management and other stages of the potential implementation.

Mergers and acquisitions

RAMS Assets s.r.o. provides consultancy in the area of mergers and acquisitions with a focus especially on small and medium-sized enterprises. Our services are used mainly by company owners who decide to sell their company for whatever reason, but we also represent investors and company owners who consider entering new markets.

In both cases, we guide our clients through the entire transaction process from carrying out a market analysis and searching for suitable investors, to valuation of the company, due diligence, price negotiations and closing of the transaction itself.

Thanks to the internal co-operation with other branches of the company, we are able not only to understand the process of managing the company, but also the setting of internal processes and strategic planning.

Interim management

RAMS Assets s.r.o. provides interim management services. The substance of these services lies in temporary implementation of a certain role or project, for instance in a situation when the company needs to start new activities, establish a new company section or undergo restructuring. The advantage of this solution is its focus on meeting the targets, considerably shorter period of implementation and objectivity of the manager.

For an agreed period of time, the interim manager becomes a part of the organisational structure of the company with all the responsibilities related to the discharge of his/her office. The solution benefits the client in terms of savings in costs related to permanent employment.

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"For the last 5 years, I have worked with several subsidy consultants. In your case, I was surprised by the level of inventiveness and initiative you have brought to our business. I must admit, you definitively 'know your stuff'. And some of your colleagues can be so diligent it's almost exhausting, but as it turned out, it was absolutely crucial in our case!"Jaroslav B. (manufacture and industrial research)

"Thank you for unscrupulously opening our eyes in the best sense of the word. And to think that at first, I didn't believe you could have such insight into our industry, which is not your primary area of expertise..."Miloslav M. (manufacture and wholesale)

"During the 4 years of co-operating with you, the assets of our group have nearly tripled. I'm looking forward to achieving more great things together." Jan V. (mechanical engineering)